Saturday, March 10, 2012

I hope to post more frequently!

I figured it out and now I hope to take more pictures and post more often. A lot has happened in the last few months and I will just say we have loved this years winter warm weather. We have visited the parks and rode our bikes a lot!! Annaliese is the big helper around here and makes sure her little bro is well taken care of. She rules the roost here that's for sure. Tristan has been able to hold his own with Annaliese lately, and he is one little toughie. The little man turned 2 this January and he has his on pint size BASKETBALL hoop, and let's just say he is starting early and can drain a 3! And that makes this momma proud! He is very sneaky too, look at the picture above, yep marker all over.....and I am finding it on the walls occasionally. :( Well I hope that I can continue, to blog so family can see some of the kiddos and what they are up to. BRING ON SPRING!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I think I need help!

Ok I have a new computer (6.5 months ago) I have tried uploading pictures several times and it just won't let me. I can't figure out if it is the new computer or me. (probably me) Any suggestions on where I need to go and what I need to to. Advice needed. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This is one of Annaliese's favorite things to do....DISHES!!! Yippy right? Who doesn't want help with dishes? She does a great job....I ask her if she washed them.....she replies with YEP! I ask her if she rinsed them with clean water she says YEP!! So glad she is here to help cut down a few of the chores. (On a side note....she is in the "no clothes stage"? Weird!)

An this little man....tired himself right out!

Have no clue what he is doing......

Wow she is not doing her usual smile! And for those of you who know her....You know what that smile is!

Poor guy......she is just trying to hug him.

Anna thought she would HELP Tristan eat his jello......HELP!?

And there she is again.....doing what she loves to do!!! DISHES!!! So if we come to visit and you don't want ANNALIESE to help you do your them until after we leave. (Don't even try to rinse a cup out) :)

I am so glad that the weather is going to be warming up soon.....(knock on wood) I am tired of being cooped up!! Annaliese can't wait to go to the park....go fishing....ride her bike, and put some miles on the new wagon she got for Christmas. I am looking forward for her to do all of this of course, and use some of that energy up and maybe nap times will come a lot easier!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tristan is 1

The little guy had brown hair for the first few months....but now he is a blondey!

2 days old

Wasn't thrilled I threw the crown on to snap a photo!

This is where most of the cake and icing was washed off before the transport to the tub.

I should've took a closer picture, but I think you can still see all the mess!

Annaliese thought she needed to be like her brother and take her shirt off and eat her cake on the sheet with her hands. (strange....she never cared to dig into her own birthday cake)

Tristan had some good helpers this year with opening the presents, Annaliese and Brecken were more than happy to help.

I love this picture!! He is such a happy baby!

So the little "chubbs" turned one on the 25th, and I can't believe it....where did that year go? We had a little party for him. He was showered with gifts from the family! Thanks Everyone!! Here are a couple little facts about the little guy.....he doesn't sleep through the night :( you can barely see his first tooth popping through, he is going to be super tough due to the big sis that picks on him, he loves books, baths, he is a climber, (and a faller), he has attempted walking, can stand from the sitting position, and I am going to have to cut this short....the babes are waking! (Oh the pictures above are just some photos of the little guy I decided I would throw in.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

this and that

I realized today as I was going to post pictures of Christmas that I really didn't have many pictures on this card....What? Can that be, do I have a card floating around with pictures of Christmas on it? Not sure to be honest. Maybe I didn't take many because of my NEW VIDEO CAMERA!!! Yep that is right my mom made Christmas Eve pretty exciting....she got us a NEW VIDEO CAMERA and I absolutely love it! (Thanks MOM!) The holidays were fun, but they went by way to fast. We spent Christmas Eve with my mom. We had great food, and then she had presents for the kids to open....they loved it! (I wonder if I borrow her SD card that it will have pictures of Christmas.) Christmas morning was fun Ry and I woke the kids up and got the fun started.....Annaliese was really excited about a package of Toy Story fruit snacks that SC left her. (go figure) We spent the rest of the day at Gma Jensens and had yummy xmas brunch and hung out with the family! Later that night Brax and Shelby came over and got to open the rest of the their presents. We had a great Christmas 2010.

January is flying by the little man will be one in less than a week. Where did that year go?

Cheap entertainment a package of ponytails 1.00 (300 ct.) And yes they are all over the place!
Anna was pretty proud of this....."me ponys"

I told him to this little guy and all his facial expressions.

Oh did I mention that my kids are monkeys? THEY CLIMB anything and everything. The only problem is the little guy can't get down....he just plumits to the ground sometimes....good thing he is tough!

AGAIN!! what is it with this girl and mascara... She was really quiet and disappeared to Shelbys room and WALA.....she is very proud of this one too!!

This is my sweet mom on Christmas morning with Annaliese. (just one of the few pictures I took that morning)

dum dum it is the HANDYCAM.....I love it!!! Hence the reason there is not many digital pictures of Christmas.
Dear Dodge....why are your TRUCKS so loud!!! Nobody thinks you are cool...especially at 5 am in the morning. I think you need to tone it down a little. Do you have a mute button?
Dear Garbage are loud.....and you WAKE SLEEPING BABIES!!
Dear DACOTN (Dogs AND CATS of the Neighborhood) Stay in your own yard!!! I am so tired of you doing your duty and causing chaos during the middle of the night!!! My dogs are locked up and don't roam, neither should you! PS DACOTN, YOU WAKE SLEEPING BABIES TOO!
Dear January weather......please warm up a little and stay that way....We enjoyed taking out new wagon out for a spin on Monday!
Dear kids....please don't grow up so fast....before I know it you'll be driving. (literally Braxton turns 15 in April) :(
Dear RYAN, Thank you so much for all you do for our family!!! I love you and miss you! Can't wait for the weekends to see you. MUUUAAHHH

Very odd post (a little of this and that)......yep but oh well!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my cute nephew

I love this time of year and being around small children has its rewards. Annaliese is excited about santa. Santa, ho ho, santa ho ho, she doesn't get the full concept of Santa, but I am looking forward to next year. Especially when she can ramble like my little buddy Breck.

Last night my mom, sister, me and the kiddos, and my nephew Brecken went to look at christmas lights and we were headed out to Glenwood to look at "the house" with all the lights, and boy was it a fun little ride. We had to keep talking to Annaliese to keep her awake (no nap Anna), Brecken did a pretty good job with that. We got about a block away and I hopped out of the car to grab a blanket and prop it under B so he was a little taller and could see out the windows, as I was strapping him back in the seatbelt A asked to get out...I said, "no we are going to drive up the road and look at all the Christmas lights on this house." I got in the car and we drove a half a block A was out like a light....needless to say she did wake up to see the lights (and when she did , you just had to be there it was hilarious), but then went back to sleep. However the fun just nephew Brecken is so smart and is always telling us something interesting. He got reall excited and said "hey you wanna know what?" "what?" we replied. "Guess what.....Richfield has something...." "what does Richfield have" we asked, "Richfield, Richfield has a FIRE STATION"....I wish I had a little recorder to record conversations.... It was the cutest thing... he was so excited to tell us that Richfield has a Fire station!! Then he proceeded to tell us that we need to drive by his house to look and see what is on his roof. "go by my house and I will show you what is on my roof....there is no santa or reindeer on my roof, but I will show you what is up there. So we got about 2 houses away....Brecken said, " SEE SEE SEE what is on my roof.....Christmas lights!!! I love that little guy and am so glad he came with us to keep us entertained.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this and that

This was A's masterpiece that she was so excited to show me....her "samwich". Wish I would've snapped a photo when she tried to put it in her mouth.

Kinsley, Jordan, and David with reindeer antlers. It was a fun game, split into teams, blow up balloons and then stuff them in nylons, then put on head, first team to finish wins.

My sweet sister in law Chelsea and her daughter Braylee, and maybe Braylees first baby doll. ?

Annaliese knows how to tear into the presents this year will be fun.

He wasn't to fond of the antlers, but I sure thought they were cute.

December is such a fun and chaos month love spending it with family. Christmas parties this last weekend, and sick kid this week. Oh and Ryan left to start a winter job, he will be in Cedar for the next 5 months. :( On another note, I feel lucky, my dad happened to be at the right place and the right time and picked up a dishwasher for me that one of his friends was getting rid of, and then the same thing happened this week Ryan was doing a yard clean up and the lady got new appliances so I ended up with a hardly used stove! yippy ! considering that the one we had was ancient...and when I say ancient I mean it! The knobs on the other one having been breaking over the years so finally we were down to one, that you would take off and put on the others to turn them on (or use pliars) and the oven temp was always a guess. Well so I checked online to purchase some new knobs for the old beast (cuz the universal ones aren't going to work..already tried it) and one stinkin knob was 50 dollars. UUGGHHH 50 X 5 = 250 might as well purchase a new one. BUT now I don't have to! Got one for free!!! I am enjoying my new dishwasher and oven. :)